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Sensu Go Workshop


The Sensu Go Workshop is a collection of learning resources designed to help new users learn Sensu. The project includes the following resources:

  1. Interactive lessons designed for self-guided learning
  2. Detailed instructions for Mac, Windows, and Linux workstations
  3. A local sandbox environment for use with the workshop (via Docker Compose or Vagrant)

Additional workshop materials are also available for advanced use cases, including instructor-led workshops with multi-tenant sandbox environment, and alternative sandbox environments based on popular Sensu reference architectures (e.g. Sensu w/ InfluxDB, TimescaleDB, Elasticsearch, and Prometheus).

NOTE: the Sensu Go Workshop is under active development, so check back often for new content and other improvements, including videos (coming Q2'22)!


The Sensu Go Workshop aims to provide learning resources for every Sensu user, including:

  • Operators and other end-users who rely on Sensu for infrastructure and application monitoring.
  • Developers and other engineers who want to build integrations using Sensu APIs.

See below for the complete list of lesson plans.

Operator Workshop

Additional Lessons Coming Soon

Sensu Go Building Blocks 201

Sensu Go Administration 101

Sensu Go Patterns & Workflows

Developer Workshop

The Sensu Developer Workshop is coming soon! When it arrives it will cover the following topics:

  • Sensu Data Model
    • Endpoint specification (Entities)
    • Event data specification
    • Metrics specification
  • Sensu API overview
  • Sensu API authentication
  • Sensu configuration APIs (basic CRUD functions)
    • Auth (Authentication API, APIKeys API)
    • RBAC (Roles API, RoleBindings API, ClusterRoles API, ClusterRoleBindings API, Users API)
    • Namespaces API
    • Assets API
    • Checks API
    • Filters API
    • Handlers API
    • Secrets API
    • Prune API
  • Sensu observability APIs
    • Events API
    • Entities API
    • Silencing API
  • Sensu automation APIs
    • Execute API
    • Entity PATCH API
  • Sensu Agent APIs
    • Events HTTP API
    • Events TCP/UDP Socket
    • StatsD API
  • Sensu Plugins overview
  • Sensu Plugins SDK
  • Advanced Topics

Next Steps

We hope you enjoy this workshop and find it helpful for learning more about Sensu! At this point we have covered Sensu's most common concepts, which should give you a much better sense for how Sensu works – but we've barely scratched the surface. If you're interest in learning more, pleaes consider the following resources:

Join the Sensu Community

The primary home of the Sensu Community is the Sensu Community Forums. Sign up to get notified about upcoming events (e.g. webinars and virtual meetups), and new releases.

Contribute to Sensu Community Projects on GitHub

The Sensu GitHub org is home to a number of open source projects that will help you get the most out of Sensu, including: