Small kata to practice vagrant, librarian-puppet and puppet. This repo is going to serve as a quick reminder in case I forget some steps.
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Vagrant - Librarian Puppet - Puppet Kata

Short instructions

  • install librarian puppet: sudo gem install librarian-puppet
  • configure default location for third party puppet modules:
    librarian-puppet config --local path provision/modules/third-party
  • run librarian-puppet install --verbose (verbose --> to show at least some output since by default it doesn't show anything)
  • run vagrant up to start the virtual machine

Final source tree

Run this command: tree -L 4 -C --dirsfirst (-L 4 --> 4 levels, -C --> colors). The output was inserted in vim automatically by going into normal mode and running :read !tree -L 4 --dirsfirst

|-- provision
|   |-- manifests
|   |   `-- node.pp
|   `-- modules
|       |-- main
|       `-- third-party
|           |-- apache
|           |-- concat
|           `-- stdlib
|-- Puppetfile
|-- Puppetfile.lock
|-- README.markdown
`-- Vagrantfile

8 directories, 5 files