Mr. Bones' skeleton. Includes Rake tasks and other goodies to make life easier.
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First, you'll need Mr Bones installed:

$ gem install bones

Then you'll want to “freeze” this skeleton in your install of Mr Bones, so you can use it to create new gems. I'm naming the skeleton 'hero', but you can name it whatever you want.

$ bones freeze -r git:// hero

# or
$ bones freeze -r ~/path/to/folder/.git hero

Lastly, just use -s hero when creating a new library with bones and you're done:

$ bones create -s hero mynewlib

Or you can add an alias to the above command. Add the following line to your .bash_alias file or equivalent zsh file (I simply did source ~/.bash_alias in my .zshrc)

# change bone and hero to match your names
function bone {
  bones create -s hero $1

And then this works in any terminal. (Remember to restart the terminal for it to load the alias file.)

$ bone mynewlib

Use downcase for mynewlib or name of the library.

Be sure to remove the following files before using:

  • Readme.markdown
  • .git/
  • License


This skeleton and Readme is mostly from Brad Fults's bones-skeleton-rspec2, which was originally inspired by Tom Preston-Werner's RakeGem and the default Mr Bones skeleton. I merely updated the Rakefile and customized it to my needs. I encourage you to do the same as well.


This skeleton is distributed under the MIT License. See the License file.