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Anamoly detection service for your metrics.
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Peak is an anamoly detection service for your metrics. The project began when I wanted to automate anamoly detection, but existing solutions weren't good enough.

At its heart, Peak consists of four things:

  • Metric - item you want to monitor and detect anamolies
  • Fetcher - source to pull the metrics from
  • Algorithm - determine if metric is an anamoly
  • Alerter - alert when metric is an anamoly

Here's a simple example:

Peak.metric :signups do
  describe "Number of new users per day."

  fetcher(:elasticsearch, {
    :query    => "signup",
    :index    => "analytics",
    :field    => "@timestamp",
    :interval => "12h",
    :from     => "2014-12-01",
    :till     => "now"

  algorithm :less_than_10_percent

  alerter :slack

In above example we register an metric called :signups. This metric is fetched from elasticsearch fetcher using query options passed to it, checks against :less_than_10_percent algorithm and when that matches, it calls :slack alerter.

List of fetchers:

  • :elasticsearch

List of algorithms:

  • :simple_peak
  • :simple_drop
  • :peak_without_historic_peaks
  • :drop_without_historic_drops
  • :no_new_entries

List of alerters:

  • :slack
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