An irc driver for node.js
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An IRC driver for node.js




Connection Events




Server Events


Client Commands

The driver exposes the following commands, which may be called by the client:

"pong" (hostname)

The proper way to respond to a PING event from the server. Hostname is an optional argument. If you don't respond to a ping event, it's likely that your client will be automatically disconnected from the server.

client.on("PING", function() {

"mode" (channel, set, modes, limit, user, mask)

Sets a user's mode in the channel

client.mode("#example", true, "v", null, "zipp", null);

"register" (nickname, hostname, servername)

Attempts to register your nick with the server.

"setNick" (nickname)

Attempts to change your nickname. Will emit an error event if the nickname is taken.

"join" (channel, key)

Attempts to join a channel -- if the channel is key protected, accepts a key argument.

"leave" (channel, reason)

Attempts to leave a channel; reason argument is optional.

"kick" (channel, user, reason)

Attempts to kick a user from a channel; reason argument is optional.

client.kick("#example", "zipp", "Stop derailing chat with links to pictures of cats");

"invite" (user, channel)

Invites a user to the channel.

"topic" (channel, topic)

Attempts to set the channel's topic. Emitting the event without a topic resets the topic to the channel's name.

"msg" (user, message)

Sends a message to a user.

"notice" (user, message)

Notices a user. Noticing a user is the same as messaging except that any away or auto-responses are ignored.

"away" (message)

Sets an away message


Clears the away message by emitting the away event without a message.

"whois" (nickname, server)

Grabs various information about the user from the server.

"say" (channel, message)

Sends a message to a channel.

"quit" (message)

Initiates a disconnection from the server. Message is optional.