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Organize multiple apps in tabs!
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Multrin is a cross-platform app built on top of Electron, React, styled-components and TypeScript, that lets you to organize apps in tabs, by just dropping them onto Multrin. It aims to greatly improve your productivity and organization.

Although Multrin long-term plan focuses mainly on integrating it with Wexond web browser, it is developed as a stand-alone application.

NOTE: Multrin works currently only on Windows and macOS. Support for Linux coming soon.


  • Dark theme
  • Ctrl+Tab keyboard shortcut to change selected tab




Multrin has some very important components:


If you have found any bugs or just want to see some new features in Multrin, feel free to open an issue. I'm open to any suggestions and bug reports would be really helpful for me and appreciated very much. Multrin is in heavy development and some bugs may occur. Also, please don't hesitate to open a pull request. This is really important to me and for the further development of this project.


Before running Multrin in development mode, please ensure you have Node.js installed on your machine.

When running on Windows, make sure you have build tools installed. You can install them by running as administrator:

$ npm i -g windows-build-tools

Firstly, run this command to install all needed dependencies. If you have encountered any problems, please report it. I will try to help as much as I can.

$ yarn

The given command below will run Multrin in the development mode.

$ yarn dev

Other commands

You can also run other commands, for other tasks like building the app or linting the code, by using the commands described below.


$ npm run <command>

List of available commands:

Command Description
build-production Bundles Multrin's source in production mode.
compile-win32 Compiles Multrin binaries for Windows.
compile-darwin Compiles Multrin binaries for macOS.
electron-rebuild Rebuilds all dependencies for Electron.
lint Lints code.
lint-fix Fixes eslint errors if any
start Starts Multrin.
dev Starts Multrin in the development mode

NOTE: compile-win32 command will produce publishing errors at the end. Just ignore them.





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