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Table of Contents

Requests for next release

Ready for release

Still in progress (v1.2):

  • Ability to really kill the emulator's process (done)
  • Ability to delete the NVRAM file (done)
  • Support for the keycodes file (partially done)
  • Ability to import existent preferences (done)
  • Ability to resolve path of files that moved or were renamed (done)
  • Display emulators' list according to ROM file, choose most used (not done), then first available emulator (done)
  • Support for SheepShaver - Part II
    • Add SheepShaver preferences in the interface
      • Change processor settings interface according to emulator (done)
      • Change JIT settings interface according to emulator (done)
  • Add support for tailored keycodes file on keyboard settings (partially done)
  • Support for SheepShaver - Part III
    • Add the settings support in the preferences file class (done)
    • Run VM (done)
  • Have a toggle button per line in the VM's list window (done)
  • Medusa's Help (done, rc 1, 2 and 6)

Scheduled for next build:

  • Updated help documentation

Under the hood changes:

  • Major re-factoring to detect emulator's supported models (done, alpha build 1)

Already done

Please check the Software history

Moved to next versions

  • Ability to identify the OS installed in the disk images
  • Add ability to export a self-contained VM
  • Ability to detect current screen resolution (use in video settings)
  • Make retina icon (bloody hell)
  • Display emulators' list according to ROM file, choose most used, then first available emulator (partially complete, build 2)

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