Sample for Sentilo Java client library
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Sample for Sentilo Java client library

This is a sample web application that uses the Sentilo Java platform client



Before run this sample, you must edit the properties files that informs some connection values.


  • : put here your Sentilo instance host ip address
  • rest.client.identityKey=YOUR_IDENTITY_KEY : put here your credential identity key

If you would change the sensor and component names, for example, you can do it in this same file.


After configure the application, you can package it with Maven:

$ maven clean package

After that, you get the generated file /target/sentilo-client-java-sample.war and publish it to your webapp container (such Tomcat 7)

Execute the sample

Start your webapp server and acces to the sample from a web browser (we assume you're publiching from localhost and 8080 port):


Every time you access this url the system will send an observation to the Sentilo instance. If an error occurs, you'll see in the result web page.

Enjoy it.