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The Earth Observation Browser is a search tool for satellite imagery, including Sentinel-1, 2, 3, 5P and Landsat 5, 7, 8. It was released as open-source to bring earth observation imagery closer to its end users.

Some features:

  • Search by date, location, source, and cloud coverage
  • Tweak imagery rendering parameters and settings on-the-fly, similar to Sentinel Playground
  • Pin your results and make opacity or split image comparisons
  • Use Sentinel username and password (if you don't have any, contact Sentinel Hub)

Note that because the code relies on a specific SentinelHub clientId which is not available for external deployments, it currently can't be deployed by 3rd parties.


  • copy .env.example file and rename the copied file to .env, fill out the needed values
  • use your instance ids in *_themes.js
  • Run npm install
  • Run npm start to run the application locally
  • Run npm run storybook to run storybook locally for testing components independently
  • Run npm run prettier to prettify js, json, css and scss files
  • Run npm run lint to lint js, json, css and scss files
  • Run npm run build to build the application sources

Multilanguage support

Thanks to the effort of various people and institutions you can enjoy EO Browser in your native language.

Your language is missing and you want to help to translate it? Contact us at for more details.

  • Danish (Main functionality): Carsten Skovgård Andersen (Stjernekammeret, Bellahøj Skole)
  • German: ESERO Austria/ESERO Germany
  • Greek: GET
  • Polish: ESERO Poland
  • Slovenian: Krištof Oštir (Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, University of Ljubljana) with financial support from the Slovenian Research Agency research core funding No. P2-0406 Earth observation and geoinformatics
  • Spanish: ESERO Spain


The Earth Observation Browser is a search tool for Sentinel-1, -2, -3, Landsat 5, 7, 8, Modis and Envisat satellite imagery




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