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@wakandaforevr wakandaforevr released this Dec 31, 2018 · 449 commits to master since this release

Downloads in the current release

Device - Operating System File Name MD5 Checksum
Desktop - Linux x64 (18.04) Sentinel-0.1.0-amd64-18-04.deb a54a9db40a05a57f79e5fbd6d8db71b3
Desktop - Linux x64 (16.04) Sentinel-0.1.0-amd64-16-04.deb 80e0aba5203eb83b91c15d9448ccf50f
Desktop - MacOS x64 Sentinel-alpha-0.1.0.dmg a842a5310a2b3cb5c15c49766150631a
Desktop - Windows x64 Sentinel-alpha-0.1.0-win-x64.exe 781c6347f0e875e9479e26fcd68b3b2d
Mobile - Android (PlayStore) Sentinel-lite-client-alpha-0.1.7 md5 not required (Official release from
Mobile - Android sentinel_dvpn_v0.1.8.apk b8b8f3c2ad563fe68edb2eb295f81a7d

Chinese Installers

Device - Operating System File Name MD5 Checksum
Desktop - Linux x64 (18.04) Sentinel_0.11.1_amd64_18.04_Chinese.deb 9d7fd4a80cd7840af883db60a092153e
Desktop - Linux x64 (16.04) Sentinel_0.11.1_amd64_16.04_Chinese.deb 90f74fa3f681875acfd336253b635f95
Desktop - MacOS x64 Sentinel-alpha-0.11.1_Chinese.dmg 4a62855d37538650293cdf2a9ec29d9c
Desktop - Windows x64 Sentinel-alpha-0.11.1-win-x64_Chinese.exe 6e3466c35508f854c615c32e71f13d76

Release Notes

Desktop Wallet Client

  • Integrated Tendermint Testnet into the wallet
  • Changed App navigation flow
  • Ability to switch between Ethereum Testnet and Tendermint Testnet
  • Major UI improvements

Known Issues:

  • No refund for now in tendermint when vpn payment is done successfully and failed while connecting to node.
  • Support for private net has been dropped in this version.
  • Decimal notation in wallet total payment

dVPN Exit Node

  • Tendermint Exit Node

Active downloads from previous releases

Device - Operating System File Name MD5 checksum
Desktop/Server - Docker Image (OpenVPN) sentinelofficial/sentinel-vpn-node md5 not required (Official docker hub repository)
Desktop/Server - Docker Image (SOCKS5) sentinelofficial/sentinel-socks-node md5 not required (Official docker hub repository)
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