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Pod Connector

Pod connector is a CLI Tool for extracting information for a specific pod from a sentinel config file.

Additionally, it can be used to connect directly to the pod's master given the podname.


pod-connector [-sentinelconfig "/path/to/file"] (info [-j]|cli) podname

By default the expected Sentinel config file is "/etc/redis/sentinel.conf"

Info Dump

By default it will dump whatever information is available from the source. You can choose to let it be formatted for humans, or pass -json or -j to get it as a JSON encoded string.

Connecting Directly

If you use the cli command, pod-connector will execute redis-cli on your behalf with all needed information to connect to the master - including authentication. Essentially this saves you from needing to execute the redis-cli yourself. You will be placed directly into the redis-cli shell on a successful execution. Of course, this means redis-cli must be in your PATH.

Which Pod Tool?

Why pod-connector and pod-manager? Pod Connector's primary purpose is to provide connectivity to the specified pod, with a bit of info available. Pod Manager, however, is designed to make changes to sentinel and in some cases directly to the instances in the pod.

You might give access to pod-connector people whom you are willing to allow connectivity to the pod, but reserve pod-manager access for those who manage sentinel and the pod. Different needs, different tools. This is much simpler than yet another user system in a tool.


  • Ability to pass redis-cli arguments to pod-connector to have it execute for you

Bash Completion

Add the pod-connector_completion script to your completions directory and/or source it directly to add bash completion.


A command line utility for listing information about a pod and auto-connecting to it based on Sentinel's information.




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