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SentinelMap Services beta

SentinelMap Services documentation and tools. Check the Wiki.

Sign up for free with a Github account to access up to 50,000 Sentinel-2 tiles monthly.

Basemap Tile Service

A cloud-free Sentinel-2 tile layer for developing applications and GIS products by SentinelMap.

For start mapping, you need to get a new Basemaps API key through the user Dashboard

If you are new, you can follow the Dashboard Walkthrough.

Leaflet, QGIS, GDAL 1 minute start

Leaflet example

For running an interactive web map using Leaflet, you can start with this example file:

index.html [download raw file]

Edit the tiles URL (line 48) adding your key:

var Url = '{z}/{x}/{y}.jpg?key=_my-sentinelmap-key_';

Now you can open it with your browser or deploy on the web.

Accessing Sentinelmap using the WMS format in GDAL

Accessing the service is also possible using the WMS format in GDAL. Service is accessed by using this local service description XML file:

wms_sentinelmap.xml [download raw file]

Edit the tiles URL (line 3) adding your key:


Now you can open it as raster layer with QGIS.

Or save an image with 'gdal_translate', usage examples:

gdal_translate -of GTIFF -outsize 100% 100% -projwin 1368500 5693500 1378500 5687500 -CO "TILED=YES" -CO "COMPRESS=JPEG" -CO "JPEG_QUALITY=75" -CO "PHOTOMETRIC=YCBCR" wms_sentinelmap.xml Venice.tif
gdal_translate -of GTIFF -outsize 1% 1% -projwin 640000 6040000 1520000 5460000 -CO "TILED=YES" -CO "COMPRESS=JPEG" -CO "JPEG_QUALITY=75" -CO "PHOTOMETRIC=YCBCR" wms_sentinelmap.xml Alps.tif


SentinelMap Services documentation and tools



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