HBase Prospective Search
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Real-time notification on a put to HBase implemented with an HBase coprocessors and prospective search.

For more information please refer to the github project wiki:

Build Notes:

Current pom configured to build against HBase 0.92.0 (cdh4b1).

Note: unit-tests take some time to execute (up to several minutes), to skip their execution use -Dmaven.skip.tests=true.

CP Loading With HBase Shell Commands:

Required tables

Table     | Column Families | Qualifiers
article      ctn
account      agent              <agentId>
report       doc                id

Steps to add the coprocessor:

  • Copy coprocessor JARs to HDFS

    1. hadoop fs -rm /hbaseps-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
    2. hadoop fs -copyFromLocal target/hbaseps-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar /
    3. hadoop fs -ls /
  • Register coprocessor to table

    1. disable 'article'
    2. alter 'article', METHOD => 'table_att', 'COPROCESSOR'=>'hdfs:///hbaseps-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar|
      ch.sentric.hbase.coprocessor.ProspectiveSearchRegionObserver|1073741823|solr.home=<path to solr.home>'
    3. describe 'article'
    4. enable 'article'
  • Steps to remove the coprocessor:

    1. disable 'article'
    2. alter 'article', METHOD => 'table_att_unset', NAME => 'COPROCESSOR$1'
    3. describe 'article'
    4. enable 'article'

HBase Version Compatibility:

Compatible with HBase 0.92.xxx

Released under Apache License 2.0.


Christian Guegi

githalytics.com alpha