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(demo gif, in reality it updates in real time)


wayland desktop widget to show to the sun's shadows on earth.
uses gtk-layer-shell and the layer shell protocol to render on your desktop, behind your windows

now with colour support 😎


from source

pacman -S gtk-layer-shell gtk3 wayland librsvg

meson build
sudo ninja -C build install

from AUR

please see wlr-sunclock-git

from OBS

please see X11:Wayland/wlr-sunclock for the openSUSE package

from Fedora Copr

please see wef/wlr-sunclock for a Fedora package

CLI args

-a, --anchors=ANCHORS                       string of window anchors (see below)
-i, --monitor-index=MONITOR_INDEX           monitor to show window on (starts at 0)
-l, --layer=<background|bottom|top|overlay> desktop layer to show the widget on
-m, --margins=MARGINS                       comma separated margins for window
-w, --width=WIDTH                           width of the window
-d, --border-width=BORDER_WIDTH             width of the window's border
-o, --colour-ocean=COLOUR_OCEAN             colour of the ocean
-n, --colour-land=COLOUR_LAND               colour of the land
-v, --version                               print version


-a tl   -a tr   -a br   -a bl   -a ''   -a tblr
┌─┬───┐ ┌───┬─┐ ┌─────┐ ┌─────┐ ┌─────┐ ╔═════╗
├─┘   │ │   └─┤ │     │ │     │ │ ┌─┐ │ ║     ║
│     │ │     │ │   ┌─┤ ├─┐   │ │ └─┘ │ ║     ║
└─────┘ └─────┘ └───┴─┘ └─┴───┘ └─────┘ ╚═════╝

Start on boot with sway example

# ~/.config/sway/config

exec wlr-sunclock \
   --margins "0,16,0,16" \
   --width 800 \
   --layer bottom \
   --anchors br \
   --border-width 2 \
   --colour-ocean "#C4B5FD" \
   --colour-land "#6D28D9"