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Sentry Software

Home for Sentry Software's Open Source Projects

This is the home for Sentry Software's open-source projects, all hosted on GitHub, including MetricsHub, our univeral metrics collection agent for OpenTelemetry!

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Contributing to Sentry Repositories

Guidlines and projects' documentation are available on

Please carefully follow some basic rules we've established to ensure a healthy collaboration between different people.

Refer to the contributor's guide to ensure you don't waste your time while trying to help!


  1. metricshub metricshub Public

    Universal Metrics Collection for OpenTelemetry

    Java 10 3

  2. studioX-templates studioX-templates Public

    Collection of Templates for Monitoring Studio X

    4 9

  3. sentry-maven-skin sentry-maven-skin Public

    A skin for Maven Site (Doxia) by Sentry Software

    CSS 1

  4. oss-maven-template oss-maven-template Public template

    Repository template for all Sentry open-source Java projects, published on Maven Central


  5. workflows workflows Public

    Shared workflows for GitHub Actions


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