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Load data from ElasticSearch to WarpScript

This WarpScript extension had 4 new functions to WarpScript. A single and multi get and a search and a meta search on an elasticsearch.


Execute the following command

gradle shadowJar

Warp 10 config

Add in warp10.conf: the ExtensionElastic class to warpscript.extensions, and a MAXTIMEOUT before ending a request on elasticsearch.

// Comma separated list of WarpScriptExtension classes to instantiate to modify the defined WarpScript functions
warpscript.extensions = io.warp10.script.elastic.ExtensionElastic

// Add a max timeout properties
// NO_TIMEOUT set to no timeout
warpscript.extension.elastic.maxtimeout = 1000ms

Add the generated jar to your Warp10 platform classpath.

Restart the Warp 10 platform.