WarpScript extension to fetch data from InfluxDB
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WarpScript extension to fetch data from InfluxDB


You need gradle to build this WarpScript extension. Once gradle is installed, simply type:

gradle shadowJar


Once the extension is built, copy the warp10-ext-influxdb.jar file from build/libs into the lib directory of your Warp 10 installation.

You need to add the following line in your Warp 10 configuration file and restart your Warp 10 instance.

warpscript.extension.influxdb = io.warp10.script.ext.influxdb.InfluxDBWarpScriptExtension


This WarpScript extension adds a function called INFLUXDBFETCH which will fetch data from InfluxDB and convert the fetched data into Geo Time Series which you can then manipulate using WarpScript.

The function is invoked as shown below

'URL'      // URL of the InfluxDB endpoint, i.e.
'username' // Username to use for authentication, put a dummy value if not using authentication
'password' // Password associated with 'username', use a dummy value if not using authentication
'DB'       // Name of the InfluxDB to connect to
'QUERIES'  // InfluxQL queries (separated by ';').
           // Queries should contain a GROUP BY clause otherwise tags will produce new Geo Time Series.
           // The result is a list of lists of Geo Time Series, one inner list per query.


There is no control of the provided URL, so a rogue user could issue calls to internal services this way. Consider opening an issue or submitting a PR if you would like to have configuration options to further restrict the list of allowed URLs.