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Google Webmaster Tools Search Referral Analysis

This code analyzes search referral data from Google Webmaster Tools.

To run the analysis on your site, first download a data set of search data:

  1. Go to "Traffic > Search Queries"
  2. Select a date range
  3. Select "Show [500] rows"
  4. In the URL, replace "grid.s=500" with "grid.s=10000" (or some very large number)
  5. Click "Download this table" to download the CSV file.

Then, define the branded keywords for your site in You need to modify the regular expression re_branded.

Finally, run python -c CSVFILE -o OUTPUT_DIRECTORY to run the analysis. This writes a few plots plus a list of all branded keywords to the output directory.


This was developed in Python 2.6/7 and built on top of numpy and matplotlib.