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waltjones committed Jul 2, 2012
1 parent c74fb0e commit dc2e3725a66faa6314fe51836a72581eb7ff34bc
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  1. +2 −2 spec/unit/interpol/endpoint_spec.rb
@@ -201,14 +201,14 @@ def build_hash(hash = {})
%w[ path_params query_params ].each do |attr|
- it "returns an empty hash if not initialized with '#{attr}'" do
+ it "initializes #{attr} to an empty hash if no value is provided" do
v ="name", version, 'response', build_hash)
v.send(attr).should eq({})
%w[ path_params query_params ].each do |attr|
- it "returns #{attr} when initialized" do
+ it "initializes #{attr} to the provided value" do
params = {'key' => 'param'}
hash = build_hash(attr => params)
v ="name", version, 'response', hash)

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