qless-0.9.0 ruby gem doesn't include the lua files #40

acrispino opened this Issue Jun 30, 2012 · 2 comments


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Qless::Client.new results in an error about missing lua files. Further I can't find any lua files browsing the gem directory. There also doesn't seem to be a separate 'qless-core' package or similar on rubygems.org

What am I doing wrong here?


myronmarston commented Jun 30, 2012

Thanks for reporting this! We've been using qless as a :git gem in our gemfiles, and so we haven't actually tried the proper gem release. It turns out the file glob in the gemspec was wrong for the lua scripts so they weren't packaged with it properly. Sorry about that!

@dlecocq -- can you do another gem release (0.9.1, presumably)? Or do you want to add me as a second owner on rubygems.org? It'd be good to verify it works after releasing this time :).

@acrispino -- if you're using bundler, you can get qless to work w/o waiting for another release like this:

gem 'qless', git: 'git://github.com/seomoz/qless.git', submodules: true

The submodules option is important because the qless-core scripts are submoduled in the qless repo.


myronmarston commented Jul 6, 2012

@acrispino -- there's a new gem release out now that should work. Thanks for your patience!

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