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PROPDI: Property Domain Inference Module, Ver. Nov-2015

How to run PROPDI

  1. Download PROPDI

    git clone 
  2. Go to the root directory (cd PROPDI) and edit config.ini file according to your settings

  3. Remove ./intermediate directory if you want to run it from the scratch using your knowledge base.

  4. For running PROPDI on your machine, execute this command.

    mvn -U package

    then PROPDI-1.0-SNAPSHOR.jar file will be generated in ./target directory.

  5. Then run the generated .jar file.

    • Quick check that our project is built (You will see randomly generated Unique ID - No Meaning):

      java -cp target/PROPDI-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
    * Run __PROPDI__ class:
    java -cp target/PROPDI-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
  6. You can find intermediate results in ./intermediate and final property-domain result in ./final directories.

    1. Intermediary output (./intermediateResult/classMaxConf.csv)

      This result shows the maximum relatedness score (of property) related to the following class.

      Domain Score(Max) 22.31
      /ArchitecturalStructure 34.49
      /Building 41.96
      /Hotel 105.02
      /Skyscraper 157.76
    2. Intermediary output (./intermediateResult/proptypeconf.csv)

      This result shows the relatedness score of property to relevant domains.

      Property Domain Score
      prop:ko/층수 /Place 1.31
      prop:ko/층수 /ArchitecturalStructure 2.02
      prop:ko/층수 /Building 24.79
      prop:ko/층수 /Hotel 44.33
      prop:ko/층수 /Skyscraper 90.83
    3. Final PROPDI result (./finalResult/PROPDI_top1_result.csv)

      By referring 1 and 2, the most relevant domain is categorized for each property.

      Property Domain층수작곡가자매기업