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Globally available Vim like productivity application with a fancy mouse control. Home row keyboard mapping makes typing innovatively fast in everywhere

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If you Use PC, this program will definitely help you.

Windows global version Vim Substitute and++

Vim and Emacs are too hard and not intuitive. So I developed new key map which can be used by not only for developers but also normal users.

  • Solved the complexity of existing shortcut applications (Vim, Emacs) with an easier usage.
  • Increased universality to work in any software by letting the app run in the background.
  • Bound Electron and AutoHotKey by including AHK compiler in the installer which make AHK script run dynamically.
  • Added a smooth mouse control on keyboard by calling Windows mouse API DLL.

Check here / 여기에 사용법 있음


Or more simply, install by command

winget install intuiter

Project Stats



This Program coulb be considered as game hack

Made with

How to Contribute

  • AHK user can contribute to /resources/ahk Core
  • TS user can contribute to /src/renderer UI
  • VSCode Version