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Discussion Board

This directory contains a full example of building an iPhone client application using RestKit and interacting with and a Rails backend server application.

You do not need to run the backend application yourself to work with the client example. If you use the 'Production' configuration, the client will talk to an instance of the server provisioned on Heroku.

Configuring the Server

If you wish to work with a local server, you will need to have a functioning installation of Ruby, Rails and the Bundler Gem installed. Once you have this basic environment set up:

  1. Move into the server directory: cd discussion_board_backend
  2. Invoke Bundler: bundle
  3. Create & migrate the database: rake db:create db:migrate
  4. Start the server: ./script/rails server

You can now build and run the DiscussionBoard iOS application on the 'Development' configuration.

Building the Client

The iOS example application utilizes RestKit and the Three20 integration to drive the interface. Both libraries are installed as Git submodules within the project. Before building the client, you must initialize the submodules:

git submodule update --init

If you wish to use your device, you will need to manually edit the base URL configuration in the DBEnvironment.h file (or build with the Production configuration).

We hope you find this example app helpful in getting started with RestKit and understanding the framework!