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Error Detection Library In Python

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We developed pyerror on Windows but it also run in Linux and Mac-OSX. pyerror is written in Python3, in order to run it, you will need a python interpereter. this version of library support this methods :

  • Parity-Even
  • Parity-Odd
  • Repeat
  • Hamming
  • Checksum
  • CRC3
  • CRC8
  • CRC16
  • CRC32


  • Download And Install Last Version Of Python



  • import pyerror

  • create an error detection object object=pyerror.error_detect("Message String","Method",flag=2)

  • method argument in this object is string
  • run generator algorithm on object error_detect_object=pyerror.convert_gen(object)

  • You can access modified string error_detect_object.str

  • run detection algorithm on object pyerror.convert_det(error_detect_object)

    Find final result about error in message!!


Please refer to the LICENSE file.