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Facebook Demetricator + likeeverything

Facebook Demetricator is a web browser extension that removes all the metrics from the Facebook interface.

While ‘Facebook Demetricator‘ removes all the quantifications that Facebook adds to UI to engage users, slowing down the economy of liking, facebook datamining engine keeps processing data to grow the network of associations and relations by using every implicit and explicit feedback given by users (dividuating?).

likeeverything is an addition to Facebook Demetricator which adds a button to make it possible to like everything within a page at once indiscriminately. By doing so it homogenizes the association probabilities of the edges of the social graph, not only for one who does ‘likeeveything’, since the probabilities propagate.

After all a network gets deprived of information as it gets symmetrical and balanced, not very different from a solid univocity when it becomes a complete uniformly weighted graph.


Please refer to Facebook Demetricator installation page for installation instructions. Note that the likeeverything addition is not merged to the plugin yet so you need to follow the userscript installation instructions.


  • facebookdemetricator.user.js : the primary code
  • extensions/chrome/* : source for the chrome extension
  • extensions/safari/* : source for the safari extension


  • works as an extension with Chrome, Safari
  • works with Firefox as a userscript, but requires Greasemonkey
  • uses a pasted-in copy of jQuery 1.7.2
  • uses the jQuery SimpleModal 1.4.2 plugin
  • uses the jQuery Color plugin


As Facebook changes its code constantly, I'm interested in pull requests that help me keep up with those changes, and/or performance enhancements. Feel free to send me an email if you want to talk about it.

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