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Typus User Guide

Typus is a control panel for Rails applications to allow trusted users edit structured content.

It’s not a CMS with a full working system but it provides a part of the system: authentication, permissions and basic look and feel for your websites control panel. So using Rails with Typus lets you concentrate on your application instead of the bits to manage the system.

Typus is the "old latin" word for type which stands for:

A category of people or things having common characteristics.

Key Features:

  • Integrated authentication with Access Control Lists.
  • CRUD and custom actions for your models on a clean interface.
  • Internationalized interface.
  • Overridable and extensible templates.
  • Low memory footprint.
  • Tested with SQLite3, MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • MIT License, the same as Rails.

You can directly participate in the support and development of Typus, including new features, by hiring our team to work on your project. We offer customization services for modules and extensions for a fee.

Send your inquiries to







All of our hard work and help/support is free. We do have expenses to pay for this project and your donations do allow us to spend more time building and supporting the project.

Some interesting ways to contribute to the project:

  • Fork the project - Fork the project on GitHub and make it better.
  • Tell everybody about Typus - Let us know and we'll link back to you as well.
  • Hire us to work on your next project - we build websites large and small.
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