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A suite of tools that have no dependencies on other libraries making it clean and easy to use without any bloat. It provides features such as


A loading cache that supports concurrency, dynamic loading of content, access/write expiration, and more. It is written with the kotlin idiom and is more powerful then Java 8's computeIfAbsent.

// Trivial example
val square = TqCache<Int, Int> { it * it }
// Example reading person object from database
data class Person(val name: String, val age: Int)
val people = TqCache<Int, Person>(expireAfterWrite = 3000) {
  conn.selectOne("""SELECT name, age FROM person WHERE id=?""", it) {
    Person(getString("name"), getInt("age"))


Yet another configuration concept but this one can also provide transformations of data for both basic and complex object types as well in many cases. Also provides a way to merge multiple config sources (such as with global property settings with local overrides) into a single interface.

Currently supports Environment, Properties, and backing map configs with other modules likely to support database backed configurations and more.

// Vanilla properties backed configuration
val config = TqPropertiesConfig("/etc/myapp/")

But a more interesting use case for more advanced applications would be to create an application configuration object with tiered checking.

object MyAppConfig : TqChainConfig(
    TqPropertiesConfig("./", stopOnFailure = false),
    TqPropertiesConfig("${System.getenv("HOME")}/", stopOnFailure = false),
    TqPropertiesConfig("/etc/myapp/", stopOnFailure = false),

// later on you can access it like
fun test() {
    val port = MyAppConfig.getInt("port")
    val portWithDefault = MyAppConfig.getInt("port", 8080)


A Tracking Carrier detection utility which supports determination of a string as being a tracking number for USPS, UPS, FEDex, or other type of carriers. Also provides a link to the carriers website to pull up full details on the tracking information as well.

val fedex = TqTracking.getTrackingType("999999999999")
println(fexex) // prints FedEx
val ups = TqTracking.getTrackingType("1Z9999W99999999999")
println(ups) // prints UPS
val fake = TqTracking.getTrackingType("9")
println(fake) // prints null