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import ctypes
import inspect
locals_to_fast = ctypes.pythonapi.PyFrame_LocalsToFast
locals_to_fast.restype = None
locals_to_fast.argtypes = [ctypes.py_object, ctypes.c_int]
def set_in_frame(frame, name, value):
frame.f_locals[name] = value
locals_to_fast(frame, 1)
class Undeletable:
def __del__(self):
# Modified from
inspected_stack = inspect.stack()
frame, filename, line_number, function_name, lines, index = inspected_stack[1]
# If we don't see lines in stack, maybe it is an interactive shell
# Trying to get the object name via readline history then
if not lines:
import readline
lastline_index = readline.get_current_history_length()
lines = [readline.get_history_item(lastline_index)]
obj_name = lines[-1].strip().lstrip('del').strip()
set_in_frame(frame, obj_name, self)
print("You can't delete me!")
def __str__(self):
return "<undeletable:{}>".format(id(self))
__repr__ = __str__