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A wearOS app for Android featuring TurtleCoin
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Turtle Wear

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TrtlWear is a watchface that tells you all the important things you need, like the time, date, weather, battery, and how much TRTL is trading for.

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What is a TRTL?

TRTL is the short name for TurtleCoin, you can find more info and get involved from their website.

The watch says 1 TRTL = 1 TRTL rather than a price

While this is always the correct answer, it could be that the app hasn't updated the watch yet (It refreshes in 20 min intervals) or you could be having network problems. Give it a bit of time and check if you are connected to the internet.

How do I change the temperature or currency?

There is a settings app that comes with the watch face, there you can swap between °C & °F and BTC & USD

The weather isn't changing from 14

The watchface needs location permissions, you can either go into the turtle wear settings or the app settings on the watch to turn them on

The weather isn't changing from err

This means your device doesn't have gps.

Why is X feature not added?

Check issues and submit a suggestion if it's not there

I like this and I want to shower you in praise

Well I lurk in the TurtleCoin Discord so you can find me there.

I also accept tips!

BTC: 1M2KoDNHZp2kaZuhiFEWbNuLjY6hgJ5V6b
TRTL: TRTLuxmZawF5XvifHMdqTz8RqaaGxzW1r8irH8u4pUQjaJYBm771taf3wa2eeecf1wURraV3FBHWvBBR6WY2puB9fyE5eTTTqzw
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