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A bingo board for Ocarina of Time Randomizers
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OOT Bingo Board 1.0.0
OOT Bingo Board 1.1.0

OOT Bingo Board

This is a very simple bingo board for Ocarina of Time, especially made for randomizers.

Even though its made to be used with randomized roms, you can still use this for normal OOT roms aswell, but it wont have the same logic that a lot of other bingo boards out there have, so it might not be balanced if not using a randomizer.

I recommend using this:

This bingo board has a lot of options which will be explained individually further down on the page, i wanted to make the bingo board customizable for people who might only want certain things on their bingo board for more unique runs.

In addition, it is made to be small and simple with visual icons instead of text to better fit streams.


1.1.0 (Newest)

  • Added more presets! (Missions and Dungeons)
  • Added more missions.
  • Fixed some bugs.

1.0.0 (Newest)

  • First release!



This is for presets, in addition to a default mode that has most things enabled, ive included a preset for an easier and harder mode to try and decrease / increase the time it takes to finish a bingo. (Of course you can manually change any options you want aswell.)


Lets you enable or disable upgrade items such as bomb bags / stick upgrades etc.. aswell as stage 2+ equipment such as the longshot.

Random HM+

Special option for use in hard mode or higher with the randomizer, will remove all items on the board not obtainable in this mode such as heart upgrades, bag upgrades and double defense / magic.


Enable or disable obtaining songs on the bingo board.


Enable or disable obtaining skulltulas on the bingo board. (This also includes missions.)


Change between low, normal and high amounts needed for things like skulltulas, rupees, hearts, songs etc..

Base Items

Enable or disable base items. (With this enabled, base items such as the hookshot, boomerang and simple one off items will be disabled, however stage 2 items such as upgrades and things like the longshot will still be on the board.)


Enable or disable defeating bosses in dungeons. (This also includes missions.)


Enable or disable obtaining and planting beans. (This also includes missions.)


Enable or disable needting to get quest items such as the spiritual stones or medallions.


Enable or disable collections of items such as "Get all tunics" or "Get all types of arrows".

Map / Compass

Enable or disable needing anything having to do with getting maps or compasses appearing on the board.


Change between none, normal and many missions. (Missions include having to kill certain enemies or bosses in specific ways, planting beans in certain areas, getting certain skulltulas (not in dungeons), anything having to do with heartpieces and special missions which can include a bunch of silly aswell as hard or special things.) Basically anything with a scroll on its icon.


Enable or disable the rest which includes needing to have specific amounts of rupees, finding boss keys and having a certain number of hearts.


Choose between a standard grid bingo or a hex bingo.

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