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Timesheeting made easy


What is Taxi ?

Taxi is a timesheeting tool that focuses on simplicity to help you write your timesheets without wasting time. All you'll do is edit a text file and write down what you've worked on and how long, like so:


pingpong 09:00-10:00 Play ping-pong
infra         -11:00 Repair coffee machine

You can then get a summary of your timesheet:

Staging changes :

# Thursday 23 january #
pingpong (123/456)             1.00  Play ping-pong
infra (123/42)                 1.00  Repair coffee machine

Total                          2.00

Use `taxi ci` to commit staging changes to the server


The easiest way to install Taxi is by using pip. This will fetch the latest stable version and install it on your system:

sudo pip install taxi

You'll mostly want to install a backend as well. Backends allow you to push your timesheets to a remote location. The list of available backends can be found below in :ref:`supported_backends`.

That's it! You should now be able to run taxi. Head over to the documentation for a complete guide on how to use Taxi.

Upgrading to 4.0

Starting with Taxi 4, backends are shipped separately from Taxi itself. This allows you to plug Taxi on whatever backend you're using, or even allows you to use multiple backends in parallel.

The default backend Taxi used in previous versions is the Zebra backend. Since it is now shipped as a separate module, you'll need to install it as well if you're ugrading from a previous version of Taxi:

sudo pip install taxi-zebra

Supported backends

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