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added centerOn, changed maxZoom method #15

wants to merge 2 commits into from

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Added a centerOn method, to programmatically center on a point in the image.

Changed the maxZoom method to better support rectangular images


Sorry this is in 2 commits...I had other ideas with the first commit and was under a deadline. The second commit reverts a lot of superfluous changes, and gets just the core functionality I want to push back into the main line.


theJenix, very nice contribution, is there a way to keep the zoomed image rectangle bounds within image's bounds rather than the outside square, what I wanted to do was actually use this in conjunction with "option to force fill image to view" but it didn't work out so I tried zooming before and then using your center code.

weakapp commented Jan 30, 2013

@SalmanTkhan : you can use scrollBy instead of using postTranslate, that way you may keep you image bounded.

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