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This is a porting of the java [iText] 1 library. purepdf is a complete pdf library for actionscript which allows to read and create pdf document from any running swf files. It supports almost all the pdf features. For a complete view of the library features see the Examples page.


  • alpha gradient colors
  • support for pdf viewers display options
  • alpha transparency
  • layers and layers membership
  • support for pdf text rendering.
  • tables ( nested tables, page split tables, table with images, etc...)
  • slide show
  • page transitions
  • annotations
  • patterns, shadings patterns (linear and gradient), spot colors, rgb color and cmyk color
  • linear and radial gradients with alpha
  • forms (user input forms, textfields, combo box, list, checkbox).
  • paragraphs, phrases, chunks for text manipulation
  • image patterns
  • lists
  • basic and advanced paths
  • images ( png, tif, jpeg, bitmapdata, gif, animated gifs)
  • afm, otf, pfm, ttc and ttf fonts (embedded and not embedded)
  • metadata, page header and footers
  • external, internal links
  • barcodes creation ( ean-ucc 13, ucc-12, ean-ucc-8, upc-e, pdf 417, ean supplements)
  • unicode, cjk fonts
  • file attachments
  • arabic RTL writing
  • javascript
  • multi column text and text around shapes
  • page labels
  • vertical text
  • read existing pdf documents
  • and most of the pdf features..

See an auto-generated pdf with all the classes:

Third party libraries:


The MIT License (MIT)


A complete actionscript PDF library



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