Font Awesome Select Input for Content Blocks
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Font Awesome Select Input

An Extra for Content Blocks, which is an Extra for MODX CMS

This has not been packaged yet for installation via the MODX Extras Installer, but that's coming soon. For now you can copy the 4 files into their respective locations in your MODX install, create a MODX Plugin with the code from here, enable it for the events 'ContentBlocks_RegisterInputs' and 'OnManagerPageInit', and you should be good to go.

NOTE: this is only if you use the Content Blocks Premium Extra. In this repo is a copy of a Snippet that can be called into a MODX TV Input Options field (via @CHUNK Binding, for example) to endow a TV with the same functionality. For more info and some background, here's the original blog post on the Font Awesome Input for MODX.