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ReCaptchaV2 (version 3.x) integrates V2 AND V3 of Google's ReCaptcha service into MODX as a FormIt hook.

It can also be used with the Login Extra as a preHook, as of version 1.0.0

Version 2+ updates the base Google Recaptcha class to the latest 1.1.2, including autoloading and cURL support.

You must generate API keys for your domain here: and enter them into the System Settings before you can use ReCaptchaV2. NOTE: You must choose V2 or V3 in the ReCaptcha admin, when generating your client keys. You can use both on a single MODX install with this Extra—there are separate system settings for V2 and V3.




[[!Login? &preHooks=`recaptchav2`]]

You will also need to call the accompanying form element renderer snippet somewhere in your html form, for example:

<div class="form-item">

As of 2.3+, you can use the "Invisible Recaptcha" implementation:

<form id="login-form">

In this usage, the "recaptchav2_invisible_html" Chunk renders a button with the necessary data attributes to trigger ReCaptcha. NOTE: the JavaScript implementation in the Chunk requires the &form_id to be defined.

The render snippet may or may not be usable as a preHook for FormIt at this time. NOTE: you can customize the behaviour of your ReCaptcha implementation, in accordance with Google's developer documentation, by customizing the Chunks used for rendering. You can specify any Chunk in the &tpl property of the "recaptchav{n}_render" Snippets.

This Extra is maintained in Github: Bug reports, comments and suggestions welcome.