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This is one page js application for quick search/view zabbix graphs, dinamically graph any collected item

  • First step is to select host, just start typing HostGroup name or Hostname Host
    If you choose one Host - all its graphs would start drawing right away (quick host overview supposed).
    If you select multiple Hosts - no graphs would be drawn (manual comparison supposed) and you can draw graphs for all selected Hosts by clicking Select All
  • You can also draw any items from selected hosts on single graph
    Select items in interest and then click to create either Normal or Stacked graph
  • Time Zooming using usual Zabbix timeline and area selection on graphs supported
  • You can click group name in list to select/deselect all subitems ("Filesystems" in screenshot above)
  • To share selected Graphs just copy and send the URL (it dynamically updated with current state)

Unzip to root of your zabbix-web folder (Note: master branch is for Zabbix 3.0, use zabbix2.4 branch for older versions).
Then add to Main Menu with something like this:

+++ ./include/menu.inc.php      2015-12-16 00:49:20.939693369 -0800
@@ -79,6 +79,10 @@
            'sub_pages' => array('chart2.php', 'chart3.php', 'chart6.php', 'chart7.php')
+       [
+       	'url' => 'grapher.php',
+       	'label' => _('Grapher')
+       ],
          'url' => 'screens.php',
          'label' => _('Screens'),
          'sub_pages' => array('slides.php')

After Installation you could realise that your zabbix-fronted is not powerful enough to render so many images on one page at once. If so - check out this caching story: http://blog.sepa.spb.ru/2016/01/speed-up-zabbix-graphs-with-nginx.html


You can tweak some options in the beginning of grapher.js file. Please verify URL, if your Zabbix installed to /zabbix it should be url: '/zabbix/api_jsonrpc.php'

// main ---------------------------------------------------------------------
jQuery(function() {
  var options = {
    url: '/api_jsonrpc.php',            // zabbix API url
    timeout: 5000,                      // to API in msec
    ssid: getCookie('zbx_sessionid'),   // key to API, get from current logged in user
    pagelen: 24,                        // graphs per page
    width: 600,                         // of graph
    height: 200                         // of graph