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Don't corrupt commit message in arc amend

I use a smart editor which wraps words by itself so that I don't need them to be
wrapped by actual newlines.
Curent state disallows me adding or removing words later without uglying the
Also the wordwrapped message looks ugly in Phabricator.
I am not sure how the commit message would look like on other places (such as
GitHub) but all reasonable tools should be able to wrap the text by itself.

Test Plan: arc amend --show # on a diff with long lines

Reviewers: epriestley

Reviewed By: epriestley

CC: aran, epriestley

Differential Revision:
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1 parent 1febd32 commit 58712c7b89bfc18cd0cc17df3dec7d045a585025 vrana committed
2 .../method/differential/getcommitmessage/ConduitAPI_differential_getcommitmessage_Method.php
@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@ protected function execute(ConduitAPIRequest $request) {
$commit_message = implode("\n\n", $commit_message);
- return wordwrap($commit_message, 80);
+ return $commit_message;

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