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The new mtDNA-Server workflow
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mtDNA-Server Workflow

This repository includes the new mtDNA-Server workflow starting with BAM files. The workflow can be executed locally without transfering any data. For initial read mapping (FASTQ to BAM), we recommend using bwa mem.

The publicly available web service mtDNA-Server also includes read mapping.

Getting Started

The workflow outputs homoplasmic and heteroplasmic sites using Mutation-Server, haplogroups using HaploGrep and contamination using mitolib.

  1. Install the workflow engine Cloudgene
mkdir cloudgene
cd cloudgene
curl -s | bash
  1. Install the mtDNA Server workflow
./cloudgene gh seppinho/mtdna-server-workflow@v1.1.3 -name mtdna-server-v1.1.3
  1. Run the workflow

    a. Graphical Execution

    ./cloudgene server

    Open your web browser and navigate to http://localhost:8082. Use admin and admin1978 to login.

    b. Command line Execution

    ./cloudgene run mtdna-server-v1.1.3 --input apps/mtdna-server-v1.1.3/*/test-data

Workflow steps

Currently the following steps are included:

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