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CoNekT (short for Co-expression Network Toolkit) is a platform to browse co-expression data and enable cross-species comparisons.


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Project Status: Unsupported – The project has reached a stable, usable state but the author(s) have ceased all work on it. A new maintainer may be desired. Tests Python 3.9 Unittest codecov Code style: black

CoNekT: Coexpression Network Toolkit

conekt logo CoNekT, the Coexpression Network Toolkit, documentation and code.

If you use CoNekT in your research please cite: CoNekT: an open-source framework for comparative genomic and transcriptomic network analyses. Proost et al. 2018. ( )

What is CoNekT ?

CoNekT is an online platform that allows users to browse expression profiles, study expression specificty, co-expression networks and more across different species.

Here you can find tutorials how to use the public version along with the source-code and build instructions that allow you to host your own instance with other species or in-house data.




  • General tree import included
  • Updated dependencies that had known security vulnerabilities and adjusted code where necessary
  • Various small tweaks


  • Initial release


Anything missing ? Further questions ? Don't hesitate to contact us.

Setting up CoNekT

Below are the instructions to set up and host your own CoNekT instance.

Optional steps (recommended for production environments)


CoNekT is based upon many open-source projects, check the full list here.


Issues are the preferred way to report bugs and errors, start a discussion for suggestions and feedback.