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Leading manufacturer of high-precision GPS/GNSS receivers.

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  1. mosaicHAT mosaicHAT Public

    Mosaichat: an open source Raspberry Pi HAT based on Septentrio's mosaic-X5

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  2. septentrio_gnss_driver septentrio_gnss_driver Public

    ROS 1 & 2 driver for Septentrio GNSS & INS receivers

    C++ 72 37

  3. mowi mowi Public

    Mowi is an Open Source hardware project that combines a compact Septentrio's GNSS receiver mosaic with a wireless ESP32 Wrover module

    HTML 22 7

  4. mosaicHAT_Arduino_receiver mosaicHAT_Arduino_receiver Public

    A basic GPS/GNSS receiver that shows NMEA data on LCD display, using Arduino and mosaicHAT (based on Septentrio mosaic-X5).

    C++ 2


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