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PX4 Autopilot

This repository is a fork from the official PX4-Autopilot with verified drivers for Septentrio receivers. PX4 is highly portable, OS-independent and supports Linux, NuttX and MacOS out of the box.

  • Official Website: (License: BSD 3-clause, LICENSE)
  • Supported airframes (portfolio):
    • Multicopters
    • Fixed wing
    • VTOL
    • Autogyro
    • Rover
    • many more experimental types (Blimps, Boats, Submarines, High altitude balloons, etc)

Getting Started

To get started with PX4 and a Septentrio receiver, follow the getting started guide

Building a PX4 based drone, rover, boat or robot

The PX4 User Guide explains how to assemble supported vehicles and fly drones with PX4. See the forum and chat if you need help!


The releases on this repository are verified by Septentrio. Every Septentrio release ends with "-septentrio". Other releases are verified by PX4 but may not support Septentrio receivers.

On the release page you can download the builds for every default supported boards. Just upload this build to your board using QGroundControl and you are ready to fly!

To see the changes from a specific release, go to the release page and open the "Full Changelog" link.

Building your own code

If you made changes to the code and want to build it yourself, you first have to set up a developer environment. Check Setting up a Developer Environment on how to do so. It is recommended to use Ubuntu Linux as the devopment platform.

After you have the developer environment set up, run the make command with the right build target. ex:

  • Pixhawk4: make px4_fmu-v5_default

For other build targets and simulations, visit the Building PX4 Software page on the PX4 user guide.

Supported Hardware

This repository contains code supporting Pixhawk standard boards (best supported, best tested, recommended choice) and proprietary boards.

Septentrio Receivers

Pixhawk Standard Boards

Additional information about supported hardware can be found in PX4 user Guide > Autopilot Hardware.


PX4 Autopilot Software with Septentrio support



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