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mosaicHAT Arduino receiver

A basic GPS/GNSS receiver based on mosaicHAT and Arduino. The Arduino code reads GPS/GNSS data (NMEA format) messages from mosaicHAT, a Raspberry Pi compatible PCB based on Septentrio's mosaic-X5, and shows desired data on LCD display.

mosaicHAT Arduino: Making the mosaicHAT work with Arduino
Author: (Jamal Sa'd)


The code is based on the following connections:

mosaic-X5 configuration

The Arduino program expects NMEA GGA messages from mosaicHAT serial (COM2). To configure mosaic-X5, connect the board to PC via USB and open mosaic webUI on default address ""

  • Go to the Communication tab and choose Serial.
  • Change the baud rate of COM2 to 9600.
  • Click Ok for changes to take effect.
  • Go to NMEA/SBF Out and choose New NMEA Stream.
  • Select Serial connection type then COM2 as connection/port.
  • Keep the default interval (1 sec) and select GGA as a message to output.
  • Click Ok for changes to take effect.
  • Now a popup message will ask if you would like to save the current configuration as a boot configuration. Choose Save.

Deliverables on this project

This project makes the following deliverables for both integrators and designers of systems around Septentrio's mosaic modules.

File Description
mosaicHAT_Arduino/mosaicHAT_Arduino.ino Arduino Sample code

Check the project on Instructables

All steps of making the project are available on instructables! Check: (


A basic GPS/GNSS receiver that shows NMEA data on LCD display, using Arduino and mosaicHAT (based on Septentrio mosaic-X5).







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