Vagrant instance to test Aptly and Jenkins Builds
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####Vagrant development environment for Aptly (

Requires r10k

gem install r10k
cd aptly-vagrant/puppet/environments/vagrant
r10k puppetfile install

Comes with some deb files in ./debs/stable and ./debs/testing

Vagrant will provision 2 Ubuntu VMs.

$ vagrant status
Current machine states:

reposerver (Aptly/Jenkins)    running (virtualbox)
server1                       running (virtualbox)

####To start:

vagrant up

reposerver has Aptly configured and 2 repositories published

aptly.localhost precise stable-repo
aptly.localhost precise-testing testing-repo

Build custom Jenkins jobs to interact with Aptly repos


Add new Jenkins build jobs:

Add job here: puppet/modules/jenkins_jobs/manifests/ (See Example in directory, voltdb-php-client.pp) Add job xml configuration here: puppet/modules/jenkins_jobs/templates/<job_name>.xml.erb

Then run

vagrant provision reposerver

server1 is a test VM that you can install packages from the reposerver

Test out Aptly apt repository commands on the reposerver (vagrant ssh; sudo -i) <--- Example commands found here.

Aptly API interactions

Aptly API running on reposerver port 8082

curl http://aptly.localhost:8082/api/repos/stable-repo
curl http://aptly.localhost:8082/api/repos

More API commands found in beta docs: