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JUMP Framework

JUMP Framework is a collection of classes in Objective-C to perform a series of tasks on iOS or Mac OS applications. From Network libraries until User Interface libraries. The framework have classes to accomplish day by day tasks until very complex applications.


JUMP Framework is divided on different weakly coupled modules. You can import all modules or only the modules that you want to use on your project. See JUMP Framework Start Guide to learn more about it.

JUMP Network Module and AFNetworking

The JUMP Network Module was updated to start to use AFNetworking instead of ASIHTTPRequest. This update introduce ARC to this module, modern Objective-C code and a more robust HTTP Request engine.

However, when you update this you should change some minor tricks to your project: - You must import the Pods.xcodeproj into your main project. It is located at JUMP/JUMPNetwork/Pods. - If you use JUMP_Reachability, you must use Reachability from AFNetworking. - If you use any ASIHTTPRequest error constants. You need to update to NSURLErrorDomain error constants.

Yes, a little effort. But I'm sure that worths the deal.


JUMP Framework Modules documentation is generated from code using Doxygen. Access seqoy.github.com/jump to learn more about it, many Programming Guides and Code Snippets for the different modules are provided to help you understand and start to use right away.


Copyright 2014, SEQOY Foundation

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