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+# Sequel Pro Bundles
+ * [Visit][2]
+ * [Follow @sequelpro on Twitter][3]
+## About Sequel Pro Bundles
+Bundles are easy to write using your favourite scripting language and our [reference guide][4]. Have you written a fantastic Sequel Pro Bundle that you want to share? [Let us know][8] so that we can feature it on our website.
+### Contribute your own bundle
+Simply fork this repo and add any new modules to the __contributed__ folder. Apply any bug fixes to core modules directly to the existing module. In both cases, you would want to submit a pull request to the official repo [/sequelpro/Bundles][9].
+We will update the list of contributed bundles on our website as we get time. If you would prefer not to contribute using github you can share your bundle [however you like][8].
+## Latest Updates
+### August 2012
+ * We have broken the bundles up into Core and Contributed bundles.
+ * Integrated bundles from [voxpelli][6] and [liviutudor][7]. Thanks guys!
+### October 2011
+ * Integrated bundle from [andrewfulton][5], thanks!
+### June 2011
+ * Add core bundles.
+Contact [Sequel Pro][3] on Twitter with any questions.
+[1]: "Sequel Pro"
+[2]: "Sequel Pro Bundles"
+[3]: "Sequel Pro on Twitter"
+[4]: "Bundles Documentation"
+[5]: "Andrew Fulton"
+[6]: "Pelle Wessman"
+[7]: "Liviu Tudor"
+[8]: "Share your Bundle"
+[9]: "Sequel Pro Bundles on github"

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