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Removing a query favorite via its context menu would cause an excepti…
…on (fixes #2161)
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dmoagx committed Jun 29, 2015
1 parent 0bfc077 commit 12cca5f
Showing 1 changed file with 3 additions and 2 deletions.
5 changes: 3 additions & 2 deletions Source/SPQueryFavoriteManager.m
Expand Up @@ -255,9 +255,10 @@ - (IBAction)duplicateQueryFavorite:(id)sender
- (IBAction)removeQueryFavorite:(id)sender

//sender can be a NSButton or a NSMenuItem

// Complete editing in the window
[[sender window] makeFirstResponder:[sender window]];
[[self window] makeFirstResponder:[self window]];

NSAlert *alert = [NSAlert alertWithMessageText:NSLocalizedString(@"Remove selected query favorites?", @"remove selected query favorites message")
defaultButton:NSLocalizedString(@"Remove", @"remove button")
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