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Merge pull request #2747 from fulldecent/patch-3
Add encouraging text for new contributors, fixes #2746
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dmoagx committed Jul 30, 2017
2 parents 152574c + f2d5bbc commit 1cbc8f7ca081a6538a2df484d89723cf441acb3c
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@@ -17,6 +17,13 @@ Build Instructions
* Click the `Run` button in the toolbar
* If the above doesn't work, please file a [bug report](


The best way to help the project is to use our [test builds]( and report any issues (both bugs and missing features) in [the issue tracker]( If you want to get more involved, then you can comment on issues written by other people or send us a pull request.

Please see our [projects page]( This lists the issues where we would most like your help. There are simple and difficult tasks there so new contributors should be able to get started.


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