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Merge pull request #2235 from Zifius/feature/application-folder-shortcut

Added Application folder shortcut, resolves #1842
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abhibeckert committed Mar 4, 2016
2 parents 49cc4d1 + 13143f4 commit a0bb2c4fe40f6a739b7e8df36a79f0f5dd69331b
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@@ -67,6 +67,12 @@ mkdir "${DISTTEMP}"
# Copy in the required distribution files

# Add a link to the Applications dir
echo "Add link to /Applications"
pushd "${DMG_BUILD_PATH}/disttemp"
ln -s /Applications

# Create a disk image
hdiutil create -srcfolder "${DISTTEMP}" -volname "$DMG_VOLUME_NAME" -fs HFS+ -fsargs '-c c=64,a=16,e=16' -format UDRW "${DMG_BUILD_PATH}/${DMG_NAME}.temp.dmg" > /dev/null

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