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Remove Tower from recommended git clients

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dmoagx committed Jun 26, 2018
1 parent 635540b commit c541d630ac2e57dcafb2ae15c99cfa3a6e84cfee
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@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ Build Instructions

* Install the [latest version of Xcode](
* Install [GitHub for Mac]( (or [Tower](, or [SourceTree](, or [](
* Install [GitHub for Mac]( (or [SourceTree](, or [](
* Click "Clone in Desktop" on the right sidebar of our [GitHub page](
* Open `sequel-pro.xcodeproj`
* Click the `Run` button in the toolbar

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@esolitos esolitos replied Jul 26, 2018

@dmoagx Is there a reason i'm not seeing behind this change?
AFAIK Tower is still a good software, why removing it?


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@dmoagx dmoagx replied Jul 26, 2018

This list somewhat represents a personal endorsement by the Sequel Pro developers.
As a (former) user and someone who works in the same city as the Tower devs, I was the person to add Tower to the list, but I no longer endorse it.

Or in fournova's own words:

This is probably neither surprising nor unusual

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