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Fix an UI spacing issue in Field Editor for DE
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dmoagx committed Aug 21, 2015
1 parent a2c6cd5 commit cf83388
Showing 1 changed file with 5 additions and 4 deletions.
9 changes: 5 additions & 4 deletions Interfaces/English.lproj/FieldEditorSheet.xib
Expand Up @@ -629,13 +629,13 @@
<object class="NSTextField" id="40787033">
<reference key="NSNextResponder" ref="74424767"/>
<int key="NSvFlags">266</int>
<string key="NSFrame">{{9, 408}, {459, 14}}</string>
<string key="NSFrame">{{9, 408}, {379, 14}}</string>
<reference key="NSSuperview" ref="74424767"/>
<reference key="NSWindow"/>
<bool key="NSEnabled">YES</bool>
<object class="NSTextFieldCell" key="NSCell" id="6880799">
<int key="NSCellFlags">67108928</int>
<int key="NSCellFlags2">1078069248</int>
<int key="NSCellFlags2">1078069760</int>
<string key="NSContents">Label</string>
<reference key="NSSupport" ref="26"/>
<reference key="NSControlView" ref="40787033"/>
Expand All @@ -658,13 +658,13 @@
<object class="NSButton" id="331104474">
<reference key="NSNextResponder" ref="74424767"/>
<int key="NSvFlags">265</int>
<string key="NSFrame">{{470, 406}, {185, 18}}</string>
<string key="NSFrame">{{398, 406}, {257, 18}}</string>
<reference key="NSSuperview" ref="74424767"/>
<reference key="NSWindow"/>
<bool key="NSEnabled">YES</bool>
<object class="NSButtonCell" key="NSCell" id="213875702">
<int key="NSCellFlags">67108864</int>
<int key="NSCellFlags2">131072</int>
<int key="NSCellFlags2">67239936</int>
<string key="NSContents">Edit All Fields in Pop-up Sheet</string>
<reference key="NSSupport" ref="26"/>
<reference key="NSControlView" ref="331104474"/>
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -7269,6 +7269,7 @@
<string key="7.IBPluginDependency"></string>
<reference key="7.IBUserGuides" ref="0"/>
<boolean value="NO" key="7.showNotes"/>
<boolean value="NO" key="73.IBNSControlSetsMaxLayoutWidthAtFirstLayoutMetadataKey"/>
<string key="73.IBPluginDependency"></string>
<reference key="73.IBUserGuides" ref="0"/>
<boolean value="NO" key="73.showNotes"/>
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